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Welcome to Blooming Label, a conscious wall art studio with a curated collection of tapestries, printed on organic cotton. Our wall hangings are carefully crafted with natural elements, making them the perfect statement pieces when you are looking for an eco-chic, elegant and unique eye-catcher in your living. We create our artwork with individuality in mind, bringing a touch of nature to your home in a sophisticated and timeless way; for the art of living light.

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Explore our diverse collection of wall art tapestries, each piece uniquely inspired by influences from around the globe. With a focus on nature's shapes and tones, we love creating abstract, colorful, and playful illustrations across various mediums.


Our goal is to strike a balance between imperfection and effortless ease with a sense of harmony in each piece of art.

We draw inspiration from the minimalist and natural elements of Japandi interior design, emphasizing simplicity and comfort.

Our artwork is crafted with love, and each piece is a reflection of emotions, memories or personal journeys. Discover our collection that elevates your interior while adding warmth and character to your space.

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100% organic cotton / durable / non toxic / soft & strong / dampening acoustics / frameless / lightweight / easy to hang / reusable / timeless design



We believe that what we make should leave a positive impact on the environment while providing a beautiful addition to your living space. 

Our goal is to provide a soft & luxurious touch to your home, while promoting a eco-chic lifestyle — one that can be passed down for generations to come, by re-purposing our materials over time. 

We strive to remain true by using strong & durable organic materials in our products and giving back to Mother Nature and her living creatures. We are committed to creating peaceful and captivating visuals that inspire people to join us on our journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future.




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