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One of Mother Nature's most beautiful artistic expressions is the flower. Flowers are timeless, translucent, powerful and delicate. They feel soft, give strength, bring life, stimulate creativity, and spark the imagination. The visual presence of flowers creates a calming and serene atmosphere.


Out of fascination for the many beautiful and unique forms of these mysterious manifestations, Blooming Label was born. Driven by my love for the floral world, I create soft & natural floral tapestries, inspired by the flowers I meet & photograph during walks, from sources like films, music, books and poetry, mixed with my fantasy together with some ink.

Love, Ilde

I believe that these Blooming tapestries can instantly uplift the aesthetic appeal of your space. The intriguing colors and delicate textures of flowers add beauty and elegance to any room. Subdued earth tones create a soothing feeling for a soft, warm and inviting interior.


I am intrigued by the minimalist and natural elements of the Japandi living style. With an emphasis on simplicity and comfort; for an eco-chic lifestyle.

All designs are printed on GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

In my photographs or stills, the shapes and colours fade and are approached in a picturesque way with the application of different kinds of materials & ink. Each piece is a reflection of emotions, memories or beautiful journeys. I believe that what we create we must cherish, so that it lives on for many more generations to follow.

Each piece is hand finished with a subtle stone washed look and a light frayed edge.


Discover a timeless collection of floral tapestries that will elevate the atmosphere of your interior while adding warmth and character to your space.


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organic cotton / durable / non toxic / soft & strong / improves acoustics / frameless / lightweight / easy to hang / repurposable / natural / timeless design


Living Room 4 [ NO MAN'S LAND ].png


I feel a big responsibility to leave a more positive impact on our environment while providing a beautiful addition to your living space. 

My goal is to provide a soft & natural touch to your home, while promoting an eco-chic lifestyle — one that can be passed down for generations to come, by re-purposing this material over time. 

The use of strong and responsible organic materials in my products, contribute to a better future for life on earth.


Committed to creating timeless and captivating visuals, I want to inspire people to join me on my journey towards a brighter and more sustainable way of living.


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