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I believe that sophistication lies in simplicity and that true beauty can be found in the natural world. It creates a soft, motherly ambiance that creates a safe and inspiring space for growth and creativity.


My desire to create something beautiful and sustainable, while at the same time minimizing my impact on the environment, led to the creation of Blooming Label. With a background in graphic and interior design, and a great love for flowers and art, I saw an opportunity to create a range of timeless artworks that reflect my personal style and values, while providing a sustainable alternative to traditional wall art; soft & natural eye-catchers for your interior with a positive impact.

From my awareness of the interconnectedness of everything, I draw inspiration both from the design process and from my interaction with people and nature. Sowing something beautiful in order to be able to harvest it motivates me to strive together with others for a harmonious and better world for our future generations.



- founder & creative designer 

Blooming Label

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